Our Mission

How it all began...

Perio Protect’s mission is to promote knowledge, understanding and unique treatments of the oral biofilms responsible for periodontal infections causing gingivitis and periodontitis. We also strive to promote minimally invasive dentistry that avoids surgery or antibiotics whenever possible.

Perio Protect fulfills these purposes by developing customized solutions to fight gum disease and by sponsoring continuing education programs for dental professionals as well as research on integrated approaches for oral biofilm management.

Since 2004 Perio Protect® has been a leader in minimally invasive dentistry with a unique method that offers patients a gentle, yet effective way to fight the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Tens of thousands of dental professionals have attended Perio Protect dental training seminars to learn this approach and the end results are: patients get a better alternative and dentists get to practice what we believe is better dentistry.

People who have avoided gum disease treatments in the past are changing the way they see their dentists with the Perio Protect Method®. Patients and dentists are now working together, implementing a unique homecare regimen that is the core of the Perio Protect Method. Patients report that their mouths feel cleaner EVERY DAY when using this method as prescribed, and the good "side effeDr-Traycts" include whiter teeth and fresher breath.

A Passion to Protect. Developing the least invasive approach to periodontal disease is our very personal passion. Click Here for the Perio Protect story.

Perio Protect offers an innovative tool for adjunctive periodontal treatment. With full-arch Perio Tray® delivery, you can place medication into both shallow and deep pockets to address infected tissue. Research shows that the combination of Perio Tray delivery and scaling leads to greater reductions in bleeding and pocket depths than scaling alone. Perio Trays are versatile tools that give you new options for better biofilm management. You no longer have to watch periodontal disease progress before you offer an effective adjunct. With Perio Trays, you can intervene earlier in the disease cycle, adopting a proactive approach. You can also treat patients with moderate to severe periodontitis. Perio Tray delivery helps reduce the need for surgical intervention and helps maintain optimal oral health. Research shows Perio Tray delivery of 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel combined with SRP achieves better results than SRP alone.

Reference: 2013 DPR article about a skeptic's experience with Perio Protect. Periodontist Bruce Cochrane summarizes his article, "In a generation, trays are going to change the face of dentistry."

Perio Protect training programs review research data and prepare you to integrate Perio Trays into your own treatment protocols. At a Perio Protect sponsored course, you will learn:

•  oral biofilm formation and the host response.
•  the benefits and limitations of antimicrobial and mechanical therapies for biofilm control.
•  how and why antimicrobials with oxidative/reduction reactions effectively manage biofilms.
•  how to incorporate localized antibiofilm therapies into existing treatment plans.
•  when infected cells must be treated with surgery.
•  how to help patients improve homecare regimens.