Smilesaver™ Office Starter Kit


The perfect way to introduce a practice to Smilesaver™ spray – a cleansing and freshening spray for all removable appliances.

Help keep smiles healthy and breath fresh breath fresh with Smilesaver™ Spray. Smilesaver is a natural cleansing and freshening spray for all removable oral appliances that eliminates 99% of bacteria, stops odors and tastes great.

COUNTER TOP DISPLAY: Set this display on the check-out or in an operatory to retail Smilesaver spray. Professional Starter Kit includes 2 counter top displays and each display hold 1oz. bottles.

SMILESAVER SPRAY (1 oz): Smilesaver spray lasts 30 days and helps eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in 60 seconds and delivers a fresh, minty taste on the go.

PROFESSIONAL SIZE (8 oz): Keep this bottle chairside and spray patient’s aligners, retainers and dentures and discuss the harmful bacteria in their mouth.