KILL 'EM QUICK, DEAD AND OFTEN: Periodontal Medicament Carriers and Oral Biofilm Management:::

The root of periodontal disease is a biofilm infection, which presents significant treatment challenges. Biofilms have defensive capabilities and can adapt to treatment, making treatment less effective. One approach that offers better biofilm management is the delivery of oxidizing and oxygenating agents deep into periodontal pockets with a periodontal medicament carrier. Research shows statistically significant reductions in bleeding and pocketing when prescription tray delivery is combined with scaling. Case studies explain how doctors incorporate the special delivery into treatment plans.


Treatment for periodontal disease should address the open wounds beneath the gingiva and their underlying infections. Medical treatment options can be incorporated into dental treatment plans, including oxygen under pressure and locally delivered antimicrobials. Debridement remains necessary, but there are good reasons to supplement the physical removal of biofilms. This course reviews the biofilm cause of infection, latest research data on localized and systemic responses, and treatment plans that address both the biofilm cause and the effects of the disease. Come with questions, leave with answers that help your patients.

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