Understanding What’s Possible and What’s Not

Would you like to understand soft tissue grafting procedures - and the parameters which control their success – whether doing them yourself or referring them out? Ever attempt a soft tissue procedure (or send it out) and the result was worse than it was to begin with? Eliminate these concerns from your practice! Understanding anatomic features is crucial in recognizing pathology and/or structures that need to be corrected for long lasting maintenance of the dentition. This understanding is also essential to a dentist’s ability to clearly explain procedures to patients and their ultimate treatment acceptance. Providing patients the proper information and education about their individual situation puts their expectations in line with what is possible and increases patient confidence.

Master these concepts and eliminate disappointment. This course is designed for the general dentist who has limited or no experience with soft tissue procedures, attendees will learn the importance of mucogingival therapy. They will learn how defects in morphology, tooth position and underlying boney support at implants and teeth determine soft tissue outcomes. Dr. Fraser illuminates facts vs. theory through case studies and examples. Mastering these concepts is key to the overall success of the dental practice, patient satisfaction, and bottom line.

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