The essence of this course is all about integrating “your” practice’s philosophical approach to dentistry amongst your entire team allowing for seamless interactions.  Your initial exams, periodic exams, periodontal exams, oral cancer screening exams, x-ray protocols, diagnostic approaches, communication skills all must be consistent with each and every patient and team member to allow your practice to exude the “value” your team delivers.  This course will highlight a day in practice, demonstrating some of the latest techniques and truly maximize what you can be doing each day to become a recession proof office.


  • Dynamic new programs that allow your team to, finance, market and lastly save a ton of money in your credit card processing….you won’t believe how these all make so much sense
  • How your hygiene growth is tied to your overall growth and most offices are giving away their profits
  • Understanding different approaches to diagnostics for the hygienist/doctor team
  • The importance of screening tests and what needs to be done and when
  • Enhancing the communication cycle.  Integrating an effortless presentation
  • Creating the Oral Cancer Screening Program for your office
  • Beyond scaling, additional modalities to insure greater outcomes
  • Step one, incorporating the methodology of Sequential Therapy
  • Integrating Customized therapies such as lasers, localized antimicrobials and customized home care therapies that become paramount to clinical success
  • Treatment planning for hygiene and restorative…combination casework



The biggest boom in dentistry will be the ever growing geriatric population.  What is a geriatric patient? Is it age dependent and the answer is not really!  Decisions are often very challenging on what is best for the patient. Treatment planning and case presentations will be shown for this growing segment within our practices.


  • Prevention is for all ages and doesn’t stop here!
  • Customizing your approaches for plaque, xerostomia and so much more
  • Reparative dentistry, when, where and why and what materials are best to utilize
  • Grafting decisions and why you need to incorporate these into your practice
  • Direct Restorative materials that are must haves for this group
  • Indirect Options that are essential to understand and how embrasures and margins are age dependent
  • Long Term temporaries for those patients in medical and age related situations that can give you years of service


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