Patients who have exhausted conventional therapy options, including surgery, or who refuse surgical intervention are excellent candidates for prescription tray delivery of medication deep into periodontal pockets to help arrest the disease process. The non-invasive delivery of antimicrobials is well accepted by patients and it is effective, proven both in clinical trials and clinical practice. A review of the research and case studies will prepare attendees to provide prescription trays for their routine and toughest cases.

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW : A Paradigm Shift in Conservative Periodontal Treatment:::

Prescription tray delivery of medication augments surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment, implant cases, and cases to prevent or treat root caries. Attend this course to learn how the conservative, minimally invasive tray delivery of medication helps address biofilm infections for immediate and long-term improvements in periodontal health. This includes knowing when surgery is necessary and how to maintain surgical gains with long-term pathogen management and improved patient home care. Case studies examples will help illustrate everyday practical applications.

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