The search for a successful adjunctive periodontal therapy.


Read a new article published by PERIO-IMPLANT Advisory by R. Bruce Cochrane, DDS, MS concerning the Perio Protect Method.

Here is an excerpt:

Bleeding is my primary indicator of health. I’ve tried every nonsurgical therapy reviewed in the guidelines. Most of them have some effectiveness and work for a varying, limited length of time, and must be constantly redone. The system I’ve found most helpful to reduce bleeding and inflammation isn’t included in the guidelines.

A guideline for clinical practice: The search for a successful adjunctive periodontal therapy (Perio Protect) by R. Bruce Cochrane, DDS The most successful adjunctive therapy I’ve used in the last 10 years is prescription periodontal trays (Perio Trays, Perio Protect, St. Louis, Missouri) to deliver 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel (Perio Gel, QNT Anderson, Bismarck, North Dakota) into periodontal pockets. This option is ideal for patients for whom surgery or scaling did not adequately address their disease, who have undergone surgical intervention, who refuse surgical approaches, or who cannot or will not come to the dental office every 12 to 16 weeks for periodontal therapy. The trays are easy for patients to use and—in my experience—help reduce inflammation significantly.

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 R. Bruce Cochrane, DDSR. Bruce Cochrane, DDS, has a master’s in oral biology and certificates in periodontics and fixed prosthodontics from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He has been in private practice in rural Iowa since 1977. Dr. Cochrane is an author and lecturer on implant dentistry as well as soft-tissue and periodontal surgeries. He has spoken multiple times at annual meetings for the International Association of Dental Research and the Academy of Osseointegration. Dr. Cochrane has served in various positions within the Iowa Dental Association, including president from 2014-2015.

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