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Treating gum disease can be a discouraging endeavor for both patients and dental professionals alike. Unfortunately, for many years, there was no easy way to treat gum disease, and surgery was the only effective method used to remove subgingival oral bacteria; now, though, Perio Protect can offer patients and dental professionals the chance to treat gum disease more effectively, less invasively, and with more positive “side effects.” If you’re interested in becoming a Perio Protect provider, we offer a variety of Perio Protect training options, available for dental professionals and entire dental practices to ensure that you can incorporate Perio Protect gum disease treatments into your dental services.

Benefits of Being a Perio Protect Provider

There are plethora of advantages of Perio Protect periodontal disease treatments to dental professionals and patients, all of which are making the Perio Tray a worthwhile investment for more and more dental professionals and patients every day. The benefits of using the Perio Protect Perio Tray include:

  • The ability to offer patients an alternative to surgery and antibiotics. This alternative gum disease treatment significantly reduces gum disease recovery time, and it allows patients to avoid an invasive procedure and overusing antibiotics.
  • Increasing patients’ willingness to fight gum disease. The more patients know about the Perio Protect Perio Tray, the more willing they are to treat their gum disease because of the ease and comfort of this treatment compared to gum disease surgery. While some patients actively avoid treating gum disease because they want to avoid surgery, there’s no longer a reason to avoid treatment with the Perio Tray.
  • Increasing gum disease patients’ overall satisfaction with their dental care. Perio Protect users see whiter teeth and fresher breath, and they can look forward to less-extensive dental treatments and an at-home gum disease remedy that they can administer themselves.
  • Increasing the growth of your dental practice. The more patient-centered your dental practice is, the larger your practice will grow, and with Perio Protect, you’ll get a dental device that’s been created to ensure patients’ comfort.
  • Becoming known as a dental practice that’s up-to-date with cutting edge dental tools and techniques. When you’re ahead of the curb in your dental techniques, patients take notice, and new patients will seek out your services.

How to Become a Perio Protect Perio Tray Provider

Becoming a Perio Protect provider is a simple process that requires training in using the Perio Protect Perio Tray. Perio Protect providers must also gain an understanding of how the Perio Protect method works during training, ensuring that each dental professional is able to provide their patients with the best gum disease care possible. Prospective Perio Protect providers will learn:

  • How oral biofilms form
  • How patients can be affected by biofilms
  • The benefits and limitations of antimicrobial and mechanical therapies for biofilm control
  • How and why antimicrobials with oxidative/reduction reactions effectively manage biofilms
  • How to incorporate antibiofilm treatments into existing patient treatment plans
  • When cells infected with oral bacteria must be treated with surgery
  • How to help patients improve gum disease homecare


Perio Protect Training Options

Perio Protect offers several training methods, each of which offers a variety of benefits to dental practices looking to become Perio Protect Providers, including continuing education credits. These training options include:

  • 0 CEU Personalized Training Webinars: These 90-minute live webinar sessions are intended for entire teams of dental professionals, and only your team will be included in the webinar.
  • 3 CEU Live webinars: These live online presentations last for 3 hours and provide ample opportunity for participants to ask questions.
  • 1 CEU Live Express Webinars: These are condensed, 90-minute live, interactive webinars. These webinars are open for a per-person rate.
  • 3 CEU Self-Study Courses: These courses include online an interactive digital presentation, full-color text, and a video-based online portion.
  • 4 CEU Live Seminars: Conducted in a lecture format, these 4-hour seminars are our most thorough educational presentations.
  • Annual Perio Protect Meetings: These meetings allow dental professionals the opportunity to review Perio Protect research data and prepares you to integrate Perio Trays into your gum disease treatment procedures.

If you’re interested in becoming a Perio Protect provider, choose from our Perio Protect training options today!


Become a Perio Protect Provider