The Science

Transferring Your Knowledge To Your Patients

What you know can do more than improve hygiene.

The Science

Transferring Your Knowledge To Your Patients

What you know can do more than improve hygiene.

The case for treating advanced gum disease is clear. More aggressive preventive care is needed.

When you consider the impact of periodontal inflammation and disease, the question isn’t whether we should treat and prevent gum disease early. It’s, “why haven’t we done more before now?” 47% of American adults have chronic periodontitis. We can do better.

The science is there. The studies reflect the association between gum health and systemic health, and practitioners around the country are embracing this treatment methodology to address the cause of disease as well as to complement traditional treatment to sustain long-term positive outcomes.

Periodontal Disease Increases Cardiovascular Incidence

Drs. Bradley Bale & Amy Doneen

Drs. Bradley Bale & Amy Doneen

Drs. Amy Doneen and Bradley Bale conducted a landmark study, among the first to identify oral bacteria from gum disease as a major contributing cause of Cardiovascular Disease.

Given that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States and gum disease effects over 80% of American adults, addressing bacteria before they enter the bloodstream can be life saving.

Dr. Doneen outlines her simple four-step approach for patients to get on the road to oral health, which lowers risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and even cold and flu.

She’s also a proponent of The Perio Protect Method.®

For more information, be sure to check out their book Beat the Heart Attack Gene.

There’s more than a correlation between healthy gums and a healthy heart. There’s a direct link, also known as your body’s cardiovascular system.

Dr. Amy Doneen

The Effects Of Gum Disease On Pregnancy

Dr. Yiping Han

Dr. Yiping Han

Dr. Yiping Han of Columbia University explains the link between gum inflammation and complications during pregnancy.

Research has shown that pregnant women who have periodontal infections had more than seven times the risk of preterm delivery of low birth-weight infants than women without infections.


Approaching Oral Health As Part Of General Medicine

Dr. Chip Whitney

Dr. Chip Whitney

Charles Whitney, MD is double board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. After graduating from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and completing his residency at David Grant USAF Medical Center, he served as a physician in the United States Air Force. From there, he joined the University of Pennsylvania Health System, where he established his Concierge medical practice, Revolutionary Health Services, in 2003.

Since then, he has become a leading advocate of bridging the “oral-systemic gap” between dentistry and medicine.

His emphasis on good dental health for patient general health is gaining more attention in

When asked about the most common side effect of oral inflammation, Dr. Whitney explains that bleeding gums create an open door to the flow of bacteria from the mouth into the bloodstream. “Wherever those bacteria land, they have the potential to elicit the same inflammatory reaction that they do in the mouth in those distal organs like the pancreas, uterus, brain and arteries.”

Not only does Perio Protect substantially reduce bacterial loads, it has been shown to maintain healthy conditions long-term and prevent the recurrence of infection and disease..

Further, the treatment is comfortable and easy for patients to administer. The customized trays are meant to be used daily, at home by the patient, for the most convenient usage. And once patients see results, they are encouraged to continue treatment.

Dr. Whitney notes, “The patient has the opportunity to alter their path through office-based dental care and quality home care.”

He continues, “When I first heard the concept of how Perio Protect works, there was no doubt in my mind that this would effectively heal the infections of periodontal disease. In medicine, we have been using hyperbaric medicine to treat chronic wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers, for decades. Perio Protect is simply a hyperbaric chamber in the mouth!”

I have seen countless patients significantly improve their blood tests, simply by improving their oral health, thus lowering their risk of heart attack and stroke.

Dr. Chip Whitney

To help your patients understand the science behind Perio Protect and the benefits of treating gum disease, become a provider.

I was surprised at the Perio Protect system results. No, not surprised, amazed.

T. Deeter, DDS

Bismark, ND

I have helped so many patients keep their smile and confidence, and we are changing their health status. Healthier hearts and minds.

Careen McNeil, RDH


Perio Protect is our Therapeutic ‘Silver Bullet’ to control the biofilm and the subsequent inflammation in all of our Restorative and Cosmetic Rehabilitations. This product and delivery system has been the answer most patients need to eliminate the bacterial infection that causes the pathology that we treat daily.

Greg L. Gist, DDS

Southlake, TX