The Perio Protect Method is based on understanding behavior.

Specifically, Perio Protect was introduced with an understanding of the behavior of patients, wounds, and bacteria.


The Perio Protect Method is based on understanding behavior.

Specifically, Perio Protect was introduced with an understanding of the behavior of patients, wounds, and bacteria.

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Understanding Human Behavior

We know that 80% of Americans have some form of gum disease. We also know that 100% of them would prefer to avoid surgical intervention. But for many years, there was no alternative.

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Dr. Duane Keller, DMD

Dr. Duane Keller first introduced Perio Protect to a very sensitive patient, his mother. After treating with the conventional surgical methodology, he scheduled her second surgery, and she informed him, “That’s not gonna happen.’”

So, he had no choice but to come up with an alternative.

He worked to find a way to deliver treatment where it was needed. After several prototypes and iterations, he and more importantly, she, found success. Ultimately, Dr. Keller engineered what is now prescribed in dental offices and used in homes around the United States—the patented Perio Tray®.

The ability to treat patients on their terms, in their homes in an easy manner that is not technique sensitive was a substantial breakthrough, but the effectiveness of the treatment is what has encouraged doctors to continue prescribing Perio Protect.

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Understanding Wound Behavior

Conventionally, gum disease has been treated according to acute care protocols. Perio Protect approaches gum disease according to the American Medical Association’s chronic wound protocols.

Consider the difference. Acute care calls for addressing the trauma head-on with interventions like scaling, root planing and surgery.

Studies indicate that scaling and root planing leave behind the bacteria that caused the infection in the first place. Then, the pathogens repopulate because it is impossible for the instruments to remove all of the biofilm.

Chronic wound care, on the other hand, addresses the infectious agents first.  Then, it debrides the wound and encourage it to heal from within.

In order to do that for the gums, you can prescribe a customized sealed Perio Tray to deliver a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel deep into periodontal pockets to establish an oxygen-rich environment that simultaneously debrides pathogens and encourages wound healing.

The Perio Tray does more than lock in the treatment. It compresses the wound and increases the oxygen levels below the gums. With the sealed tray, the hydrogen peroxide release of oxygen takes place at the site of the infection.

Which leads to how we use our understanding of bacteria to fight gum disease.

Microscopic image of oral biofilm

Understanding Bacteria Behavior

We know bacteria are fighters. They morph, adapt and reproduce in order to maintain their foothold in places like wounds. And the warm, rich environment of an oral wound is ideal for bacterial growth.

That’s where peroxide enters our equation.

Peroxide has several advantages over conventional antibiotic therapies.

It’s natural. You make peroxide in your liver, and it’s in your white blood cells to fight infection.

Peroxide is also a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, whereas several antibiotics may be needed to treat all the bacterial species in the pockets. And over time, bacteria become increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Perio Gel® that is applied via patented Perio Trays utilizes a proprietary formulation of hydrogen peroxide to act as an oral debriding agent and oral wound cleanser. The Perio Tray is important because it delivers the medication deep below the gums where these chronic oral wounds hide from toothbrushes, rinse and floss. It also seals and holds the treatment in place long enough for it to take effect.

This may seem revolutionary, but it’s also intuitive.


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Research and case studies have shown treatment of chronic periodontal disease with a direct medication delivery method significantly decreases pocket depths and bleeding upon probing1.

By understanding behavior and creating the ideal environment, this approach compresses the wound and addresses the bacterial cause, allowing the wound to heal from the tissue level. It also allows patients to treat something they might otherwise avoid.

Not to mention the added capability Perio Protect can bring to your practice.

There’s more information where this came from.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science and practice of treating gum disease, we offer a range of seminars to inform you and your entire team, on your terms.

We have been using Perio Protect for virtually all our perio patients for several years. We treat all our patients with Perio Protect except those who are very advanced and will definitely require significant surgery. It is extremely powerful. Results are astonishing.

Dr. Steve Ross

Wappingers Falls, NY

I just got back from the periodontist, and he was amazed and wanted to know what I had done to correct (my) condition. I told him about . . . Perio Protect. He told me that my condition is great. He said he wouldn’t need to see me for a year—and only for a check up.



I always felt I was failing my perio patients who did what I asked and still had problems. I used your method, and the bleeding was gone within one to two weeks. Now we have a way . . . to help them.

T. Loughary, DDS

Jacksonville, IL