Starter Kit Lite


We have Spanish chairside guides and brochures. Would you like us to include these in your order?

We have three different medium sized posters (pictured to the left) that we can send to your office to promote Perio Protect. Would you like us to send them?

We offer two formulations of our Perio Gel™ medication, original Perio Gel™ and Perio GelX™. The difference between the two lies in the sweetening agent used to flavor the medication. Perio gel™ is sweetened with sorbitol and Perio GelX™ is sweetened with Xylitol. Please choose from your options below.

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1 Case of Perio Gel™ or Perio GelX™ (12 tubes)

Demonstration models

Video: Starting Your Homecare Therapy

Video: Treating Periodontitis

Hundreds of brochures

8 Patient Delivery Bags

3 posters (optional)

Shipping Boxes, Rx and Pre-Paid Shipping labels (if needed)

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